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5 januari 2005

The Dog Whisperer

...O Sweet Irony.

Sam and I have been talking about getting a dog for some time. This has escalated recently, mainly because we found a breed—and more importantly, a size—that we agree on. I've always loved schnauzers, and Sam, with his new haircut and facial hair style, came to love schnauzers as well. So we're talking about getting a Standard Schnauzer.

The pup wants a pup. And our friend, Bret, recommended we watch this show, The Dog Whisperer. Ironically, in the first episode we watch, in the first segment of the episode, there's a dog called...wait for it...“Boyfriend”.

It's a sign, I'm telling ya.

Posted by jeff at 5 januari 2005 22:11

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And to think, I use to have a boyfriend named Dog.. ;-) You know someone had to say it.. I might as well be first

Posted by: sillynun Author Profile Page at 6 januari 2005 9:32

Don't even get me started. I'm *good* with dogs. "Boyfriend" is actually a good name. Two syllables, ends in a soft sound.

But beware: Schnauzers are *smart* and need constant intellectual stimulation, otherwise they can become bored and destructive. Like some men I know.

My favs are Ibizans, but I'm biased. My Bella, while tall, is *wunderbar* and is so patient and come-what-may. Not Schnauzer brilliant, but clean, obedient, loyal and a total man magnet. Seriously, think about it.


Posted by: Josh at 6 januari 2005 10:50

Can't you just get Sam a leather collar and teach him to bark on command.

Waitaminute... *evil grin*

Posted by: palochi at 6 januari 2005 11:32

I had a miniature schnauzer for 5 years. From what I've read, the standards don't really differ that much in behavior & intelligence from the miniatures.

And I have Sam.

in other words, I know what I'm in for. ;)

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits at 6 januari 2005 13:45

Every schnauzer I have ever met was very cuddly and loved to sit in my lap. They seem to like to look at you longingly too. But they are yappy.

Posted by: jimbo at 6 januari 2005 13:57

Of this I am certain, Jimbo: if i were sitting in your lap, i'd be cuddly and yappy, too. :)

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits at 6 januari 2005 14:00

As a veterinary technichian and instructor of a puppy class I incourage you not to watch the dog whisperer. He has no formal training and his show can be very dangerous to dog owners trying to implement his methods at home. There are many wonderful behaviorist and instructors using positive reinforcement and not simply flooding a dog into submission. It's a shame that his show is still on and I have personally seen the negative effects it has had on clients attempting to try these methods on their own pets. If anything it should be show as how not to train your dog. Here are some referrals to authors to start your pup off right: Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson, Karen Pryor, and Gwen Bailey. Good luck to you and your new pup.

Posted by: chris at 21 januari 2005 0:12

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