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2 januari 2005

Unwind or Unravel

...those are the options.

Adjustments are never easy, especially the ones that overlap into areas you've based parts of your identity on. My danglies are run-on, and my run-on dangles. No matter.

I've come to a rather sobering realization (ironic, after the way this weekend has played out so far) that I can carry an awful lot of stress and worry—and even anger—on my shoulders, between the blades and sometimes, even in the soles of my feet.

After how the election played out (and got played), and after stooping to the bread-and-circuses fuckwits out there, I came to favor those reactions which would pull the world and the world of responsiblity to myself.

Bad idea.

Not one to make New Years' Resolutions, I make one nonetheless. Let's call it a coincidence of timing.

I'm better equipped to help, better equipped to be there for Sam, for my family, for myself, if I take a few steps back.

I'm not leaving the blog; on the contrary I expect to be here even more. More humor, more enjoyment. More according to my own nature instead of the soldier nature I seem to have acquired. They say that you become the worst in those you oppose.

Why oppose when you can cajole? Why have an enemy when you can just walk away instead?

Why not be creative instead of en garde?

Posted by jeff at 2 januari 2005 17:48

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Hmm, well, I'm glad to hear the "soldier" will be taking a breather; this could be intersting.
Speaking of the election, what happened to that little countdown thing you had up that said "Number of days until the last possible day of reign for Bushieland," or summat like that?
Another thing: what do the "Zondag, Vrijdag, Dinsdag" things mean?

Posted by: james at 2 januari 2005 17:59

James, there's a huge difference between being defensive all the time, and defending yourself when it's called for.

I speak about the former.

As for the days, it's a language other than American English.

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits at 2 januari 2005 18:03

Cranky Soldier, or not.. I love me some biscuits!.. No matter which side of your personality ya show here.. Lucky I get to see a bunch more of em than alot of these shlubs..


Posted by: sillynun Author Profile Page at 2 januari 2005 18:10

"More humor, more enjoyment."

Believe it when I see it. You take blogging way too serious.

Posted by: Gordon the Magnificent at 2 januari 2005 20:15

I take my own thoughts seriously. I take my own writing seriously.

I take the notion of making the world a better place seriously.

I take very seriously helping to keep the world from descending into pettiness and infighting.

What do you take seriously, Gordon? James?

I genuinely would like to know. I bet we have a bit in common.

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits at 2 januari 2005 20:20

You've learned much too much in your short life.My heart is full, you are special. Took me a lot longer to learn but then I like to think I've passed it on in some way. :) On the other hand, you taught me more than anyone else. Thank you. Have more fun with your blog!!

Posted by: Mom at 3 januari 2005 6:48

" They say that you become the worst in those you oppose." Wise words. Kind of like they say we dislike in others what we dislike most in ourselves. That's advice I should take more often.

Smile at your enemies -- it will make them wonder what you're up to and confuse the hell out of them.

Happy new year, Jeff!

Posted by: Jeffrey at 3 januari 2005 7:23

I'm quite sure we have a bit in common, and I'd be tickled pink if we could find that something.
And, I don't know if you took it this way or not, but I wasn't meaning to be hostile in my last comment. I was simply saying that I agree with you that you haven't been of particuarly good humor on this site, that I'm looking forward to a change in that, and I was simply asking about some things that had me curious.

Posted by: james at 3 januari 2005 12:39

"I bet we have a bit in common."

Stubborn for one.

Happy New Year.

Posted by: Gordon the Magnificent at 3 januari 2005 17:58

Huzzah to the blog keep! Of course, just outright ignoring the snot nozed might be a great start. :)

Posted by: Lee(Skittles) Author Profile Page at 3 januari 2005 19:39

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