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3 april 2005

Gang Party

...when age is an indivisible number

Last year I started what I had hoped would become a tradition. As I'm not one of those people to throw a birthday party for myself, but because Sam was coming up last year for my birthday and I wanted to have a big event anyhow, I finessed a group birthday party. My birthday (which is today) last year was on a Saturday, so off we went and had a big party. I think there were about a dozen guys who were Aries and so it worked out well.

Last night's party at English John's house was for four of us in particular: Me (4/3), Fred the Plumber (4/12), English John (4/19) and Donovan (3/22). There were several others there whose birthdays were in the vicinity, so we celebrated those, too.

No presents were supposed to be given, but Mike & Alberto showed up with a little somethin'-somethin' (which they usually do, but this time their somethin'-somethin' didn't involve the need for condoms :). I ended up with a double shot-glass with the word “DIVA” on it. People seemed to think it apropos. Well, screw them, I'm better than that shit. Ooops.......

I like this idea of groups of birthdays celebrated in one sitting. At 41 years old, I suppose it's just a little too much to have all the attention heaped on me. Or, there's just so much loving attention to go around in my group of friends that sharing the wealth doesn't cost a thing.

Posted by jeff at 3 april 2005 10:52

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Happy Birthday! It just started to rain, we have a fire in the fireplace, and I'm cooking dinner. I'm filling my shot glass with some fine single malt scotch. Cheers to you and your peers!

Posted by: Don Sleeter at 3 april 2005 17:57

Happy Birthday Jeff Jeffty Jeff!

Posted by: Jeanome at 3 april 2005 18:08

Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Mags at 3 april 2005 19:38

Happ-a-diddly-ay Birthday!

Posted by: Mike T at 3 april 2005 20:27

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it was a good one.

Posted by: John in denver at 3 april 2005 20:45

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my older twin... Much Love Vincey!

Posted by: sillynun Author Profile Page at 3 april 2005 21:06

Crap. I forgot. Sorry.

Happy b-day, diva mouse. :-)

Posted by: palochi at 4 april 2005 12:36

Beef 41 Box :)

Posted by: Cup at 4 april 2005 16:34

Happy belated birthday!

Posted by: Lee at 5 april 2005 2:26

Happy belated!

Wait, what gift last time? The Hello Kitty cake didn't need a condom.

Posted by: Jason at 6 april 2005 13:05

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