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3 april 2005

Who Am I?

...no, not him.
  • I coined the phrase “Culture of Life”
  • I wrote about the dignity and rights of those who work
  • I spoke out against the widening gap between the world's rich and poor
  • I opposed the Gulf Wars—both of them
  • I expressed my outrage at the abuse at Abu Ghraib
  • I have spoken out against the death penalty, calling it “cruel and unnecessary”

Who am I?

Posted by jeff at 3 april 2005 21:22

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Is it the same person who opposes all forms of birth control?

Is it the same person who describes same-sex marriage as part of "a new ideology of evil"?

Is it the same person whose organization said that homosexuality "is more or less a strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil and thus the inclination itself must be seen as an objective disorder."?

Oh well, nobody's perfect.

Posted by: Clever Monkey at 4 april 2005 9:50

And on a lighter note:

Pope vs. Gays: SMACKDOWN!


Basically, the Pope wins, because gays go to hell and he doesn't. Damn.

Posted by: Clever Monkey at 4 april 2005 9:52

Just because he's The Pope doesn't mean he's supposed to be infallible.

Oh. Waitaminute...

Posted by: palochi at 4 april 2005 12:34

Oh, and I said that Catholics are really super sorry for going along with that Holocaust thing. Our bad. We were covering our own asses, and, um, well, we like to use the Jews as scapegoats as much as the next guy! So, no hard feelings, eh?

Posted by: Clever Monkey at 4 april 2005 16:09

A very good article (European press) on the contradictions of the ex-Pope:


Posted by: Clever Monkey at 4 april 2005 17:16

You are Il Superpapa!!!

I just don't understand why you posted this. Mebbe I just missed the sarcasm and hate on this joke...was there a punchline, or were you just randomly deciding to describe the Pope?

Posted by: The Masked Avenger at 5 april 2005 12:23

Oh, and Clever Monkey...Sheesh.

1. Only against artificial forms of birth control.

2. You forgot to put in the part where the Pope told all Catholics to hate gays and kill them...Oh, right. He never said anything of the sort. Gay people are no more sinners that anybody else, and that's what the Church has always taught.

3. Try reading a history text about the Church participation in the Holocaust, and then reading the Pope's actual apology, and THEN comment. Saying the Church didn't officially join the Allies isn't the same as saying that the Church is synonymous with Nazism. Do we count the UN as terrorists for not joining in the war? Keep in mind also that Vatican City was in the middle of Nazi occupation, and had no army to defend itself if they were attacked.

4. Whoever wrote that article would do well to glace at the basic theology of the Church before proclaiming the Pope was self-contradicting.

Posted by: The Masked Avenger at 5 april 2005 12:35

:Still waiting for the point of this post:

Posted by: hoody at 8 april 2005 17:47

What do you THINK the point is, hoody?

Posted by: God of Biscuits at 8 april 2005 17:59

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