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16 juni 2005

Where Went Wednesday?

...or, sicky Skippy sleeps


When I get sick, I feel capital-C Crappy. Sam started to get sick on Tuesday morning. It kicked in for me Tuesday afternoon while I was at work.


I ended up sleeping all day. Well, most of it. Having slept at least 6 hours overnight, I woke up and found Sam out watching TV. I laid down on the sofa there and fell asleep for another five hours. Yikes. Then awake for two hours, then asleep again for another two or three. Off and on. On and off. And last night I got a full night's sleep. Yikes again.

Still sick today. Low-grade fever. Headache. Body aches. Head's a bit clearer, however. It's good that I have the kind of job where I can work at home.

I'm watching:

“The Witches of Eastwick” (George Miller (II))

It's an almost-forgotten favorite of mine, and not because it's my friend Dave's hand that crashes through the kitchen window near the end of the movie. It was way ahead of its time. New England, as time goes on, reminds me more and more of Europe. And Magic. And Dark and Unscientific Things the world has Almost-Forgotten.

Ahh, the Things you Remember when you're sick, when your schedule is off-kilter and your brain and body gets what sleep they need.

Posted by jeff at 16 juni 2005 10:49

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i'm strange like that...i'll go for months and months at full-speed, 5-6 hours of sleep, no worries, then crash.

a full day of zzz's and blahs. the next day, boom, normal.

Posted by: johnny at 16 juni 2005 16:22

I have the same thing :(

Posted by: homer at 16 juni 2005 17:51

Diva Tour de Force. And I love how their babies each came out with the same hair color as their diva mommies.

I always thought there could have been a TV series or movie sequel about the Children of Eastwick, where the boys learn about their dark heritage and the powers they control, and how they fight their dark nature.

But that would kinda be like a reversed male version of Charmed, I guess, and appear to be a ripoff, when originally it was MY IDEA years ago!

I usually only watch movies at home when I'm sick too.

Posted by: jimbo at 17 juni 2005 12:42

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