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22 augustus 2005

The Sherbs

...I have the skill, I have the ski-ii-iiillll

I ask you, of big biceps and big brains and of here and here. The Sherbs. Love? Hate? Ennui?

“The Skill” (The Sherbs)

“Defying Gravity” (The Sherbs)

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Posted by jeff at 22 augustus 2005 14:08

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oh boy..after that buildup, how awful is it that i'm not familiar with them?

and they're not on itunes!

Posted by: johnny at 22 augustus 2005 14:15

ahh, i wasn't trying to trip you up. It's just bad 80s stuff that happens to be near and dear.

Amazon actually still sells the stuff—on CD! Go here and have a listen of some low-quality snippets of low-quality music.

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits Author Profile Page at 22 augustus 2005 15:01

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