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29 september 2005

Dear Arnold,

...the One-Term-inator

The Governor has vetoed AB 849 (Leno) the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act!



Update: If you're in San Francisco, just heard about this:

RALLY AND MARCH TOMORROW(FRIDAY 9/30) San Francisco, at Castro and Market/Harvey Milk Plaza.

5:00 PM
www.markleno.com, eqca.org for updates
Pass it on!

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Posted by jeff at 29 september 2005 15:49

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I said almost the same thing ... "fucking gutless asshole" was my post regarding this.

Posted by: Angie at 29 september 2005 19:50

He doesn't care. Calling him an asshole implies he cares.

No, this is evil. It's evil because even the people he's pandering to who believe *we're* evil know that this is about hurting gays. Which is what they want.

Everybody knows it's wrong to hurt people. Doing something you know is wrong is evil. Simple.

Posted by: Josh at 29 september 2005 21:16

thanks jeffy...i will SO be there. anyone that believes they should be treated as a full participant in this "democracy" should be there AND FUCKING PISSED OFF.

Posted by: contrabear at 29 september 2005 22:48

It's not like he's gonna get re-elected at this point. What'd he have to lose by signing it?

Posted by: palochi at 30 september 2005 11:19

He is such an idiot. He is a total puppet. Lets all make sure he does not get re-elected

Posted by: Scott at 30 september 2005 12:42

As a younger man, I used to fantasize about being screwed by Arnold. Oddly, now that it's happened, it isn't what I imagined.

Posted by: Lee(Skittles) Author Profile Page at 30 september 2005 14:24

lol.. it never is how one imagines it would be, eh lee?

Posted by: David at 1 oktober 2005 12:05

Speaking of asses, I always knew that Californians had their heads up their asses when they elected Arnold S. in the first place. This man is nothing but a 3rd rate actor charlatan. It was so painfully obvious, yet Californians bought in to all the Arnold hype crap.

You had such better choices than Arnold, but no, you had to go ahead and elect a phoney hustler.

You got what you deserved.


former resident of Washington state
and presently a resident of Illinois

Posted by: Taylor G. Moore at 21 juli 2006 20:39

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