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22 september 2005

Tonight, Tonight

...yeah, bitches! (I'm quoting)

I'm heading over in a bit to the East Bay (that's Pig Latin for 'BEAST', by the way), to see Sam's very first solo flight as a DJ. DJ Mix Mutt. The party: Pound. Same place as last Friday's opener: The White Horse Bar at 66th & Telegraph.

As a little gift, I traveled all the way to Eastern Africa to get him a suitable domain name. There's nothing there yet but his logo, but go have a look at http://mixmutt.dj

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Posted by jeff at 22 september 2005 19:44

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That logo is so tight!


Posted by: Tina at 23 september 2005 16:37

Ditto the comment on the logo, that is just about the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!

Posted by: bub at 27 september 2005 12:32

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