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5 oktober 2005

America Says: We Fund Bigots!

...sin bravely, fuckwads

Today, “activist judges” in a New York Federal court decided that it was ok to discriminate based on religious beliefs. Now, honestly? Who the fuck in their right mind doesn't already know that religious organizations like the Catholics and, Fundus on the Family and all those kumbaya, hippie/huggie groups like CWA and jodhatesfags.com already significantly discriminate against people they don't like? That I can almost stomach.

But the Federal Court decided today that it also just doesn't matter if those religious organizations also receive federal or other government funding! Thanks, W!

Can't get your Constitutional amendment act in gear to keep the faggots at heel, so you'll just get your judges to chip away at our humanity instead, all the while dumping federal moneys into the cause?

Well, fuck you.

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Posted by jeff at 5 oktober 2005 19:21

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I wonder what will happen when a Baptist church decides to fire a Catholic. I'd be pleased if all the right wingers would start fighting with each other.

Posted by: homer at 6 oktober 2005 16:31

Here in Canada organizations risk losing their charitable status if they discriminate or promote a political agenda. My gay and lesbian chorus had to remove the phrase "building bridges with the community" from its mission statement. We can say and do what we want, but that political motive is not considered appropriate in the mission statement of a charitable organization. Apparently the government is bringing churches to task in the same way.

Posted by: Van at 8 oktober 2005 10:04

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