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21 januari 2006

Bears Are So 2005; Pogs Are It for 2006

...Year 2006 Makeover #01

Remember all that bitching I did about 2005? And then it decided to bite me on the ass on its way out by kicking my Vespa out from underneath me at 17th & Sanchez?

Well, in inaugurating 2006, I've decided that the flip on the old time odometer from 2005 to 2006 isn't enough. No, more work needs to be done. And thanks to Glenn, I've learned a new word! That word: pogonophile. A pogonophile is “one who loves beards”.

In this town, and in gay culture bubbles everywhere, a bear is defined generally as someone who is hairy (including facial hair, preferably full facial hair), perhaps overweight, wears flannel and likes selfsame (oh, and male, just in case you were thinking 'lesbian').

I never liked that definition, primarily because I fall into that category. And while I may look like a bear, I don't buy into the whole bear-community thing thing.

The thing I like about “pogonophile” is that it's about one's internal world. Oh, and it collapses the pantheon of animals used to pigeonhole gay men (even though there are no pigeons in the pantheon!), such as otters, cubs, wolves (oh my!) into a single designation.

So. Pogs. I wonder if the meme will travel anywhere. Maybe I should post to that great bear echochamber, LiveJournal; there, it might have legs.

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Posted by jeff at 21 januari 2006 20:56

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Jeff --

I'm with you on this one with respect to placing those bear-types under one true sphere. But, hmmm!, I'm just not sure pogonophile is going to cut it. Pogs, maybe!!!


Posted by: Tony at 21 januari 2006 22:48

Finally, something I can call myself relevant to my facial-hair-requirement that doesn't mean meeting someone else's definition. I was never comfortable calling myself a bear, and now, at last, I don't have to justify it any more...

Whew. You have no idea my sense of relief.

Posted by: Josh at 22 januari 2006 0:45

Wow..the world's first true pog is so incredibly hot. That should help sell the meme!

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits Author Profile Page at 22 januari 2006 0:53

Does this mean we can start calling most of them chubby and chubby chasers again? That's what always got me... Bear's were supposed to be your regular redneck working class guys with maybe a beer gut. At least that is what I remember it was supposed to be..

Posted by: Teddy Pig at 22 januari 2006 5:54

I think the term is catching on here on the East Coast.

Posted by: Walt at 22 januari 2006 11:01

I'm up for it if it doesn't include another animal farm parade, or having to use vocal stylings of canines:)

Posted by: Steve O'Brien at 22 januari 2006 15:25

Does that mean that twinks are pogonophobic?

Posted by: James at 23 januari 2006 12:53

Yes, I suppose it does.

But on another note, what would an iPog be?

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits Author Profile Page at 23 januari 2006 13:00

Well, an iPog would be a bearded one who is plugged into the latest tech, of course.

If we must (and someone will), here are some more Pogisms:

Pogger: Someone who tops bearded guys.
Poggee: Someone who bottoms to bearded guys.
Autopogonification: getting off on your own beard.
Pseudophogonophile: He who only grew a beard when/because it was hip.
Pogasm: Shooting a load on someone's beard.

Posted by: jimbo at 23 januari 2006 13:59

I'm all about "pog" rather than "bear". The really weird thing is.. one of my best friends Mandy (a small fashionable Asian girl from Canada) has been calling me pog since I met her in college. Not because of the pogonophile you mention, but just because she makes up words all the time (as many fasionable girls, including myself, do) and that was one of them. So having been a pog myself for the past 6+ years to only one person, I'm ready to be come out of my pog closet. Long live the pog!

Posted by: Vinny at 23 januari 2006 14:04

Spread the word, Jimbo and Vinny and Joshie, oh my!

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits Author Profile Page at 23 januari 2006 14:13

I have now blogged about pogs. I even mentioned you.

Posted by: jimbo at 23 januari 2006 20:22

And there's Pogo - A comic strip possum that's into beards

Posted by: Lee at 24 januari 2006 1:50

Feh! I'm an SO post-pog.

Posted by: Joe.My.God. at 24 januari 2006 11:49

Can't we all just be guys with beards again?

Posted by: Mark at 24 januari 2006 19:48

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