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26 juli 2006

ASCII Porn for Fred

...just cuz

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Posted by jeff at 26 juli 2006 15:37

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God, I already told you you win! Jeff!

Posted by: Fred at 26 juli 2006 17:13

And make your picture stop looking at me like that!

Posted by: Fred at 26 juli 2006 17:14

I wasn't trying to compete! I was TRYING to touch tongues again!

(and don't call me that)

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits Author Profile Page at 26 juli 2006 20:32

Will you guys just DO IT already? ;)

Posted by: Contrabear at 26 juli 2006 22:21

Ahhh. I see it now.

Posted by: Glenn at 21 augustus 2006 11:16

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