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9 juli 2006

Does Your Windows Suck, Too?

...when Color Correction is important

I know almost nothing about color correction, except insofar as what ColorSync's job is, but the proof is in the pudding.

I fired up Parallels Desktop software to run -shudder- Windows XP to see how Aperture did at rendering its Web Galleries for Windows. Since I'm running Firefox on XP, I only need a shower: IE and I'd have to boil myself or something.

Anyhow, my images looked much more fabulous on Safari on Mac OS X. I took screen shots of the same image on both platforms. Which means the bits are different, so you should, even on a Windows box, be able to notice a difference. Of course that means that you Windows folks will see double-happy-shittiness on the first pic and only single shittiness on the second one.

Picture 3 Picture 4

Maybe there's something else going on, but overall, my Windows experiences have been much like this. A pale imitation that is never quite right.

Why are my pictures washed out when the rest of the standard XP UI is so garishly vivid that it hurts my eyes?

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Posted by jeff at 9 juli 2006 14:30

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Because, as usual, Microsoft's GUI design team is about 6 years behind. Remember how *bright* the original Aqua was? :)

Posted by: Lee(Skittles) Author Profile Page at 9 juli 2006 18:23

Does that mean I'm better looking on an Apple computer?

Posted by: homer at 10 juli 2006 10:06

Everyone looks better on a Mac. And in front of one. ;)

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits Author Profile Page at 10 juli 2006 10:18

Pod people, all of you.

Posted by: Joe.My.God. at 10 juli 2006 13:02

Hmmm...pod people....Yes, Microsoft. Whatever you say, Microsoft. We'll accept mediocrity because there's nothing other than you, Microsoft. Thank you, Microsoft, may I have another?


Posted by: GodOfBiscuits Author Profile Page at 10 juli 2006 13:09

iPod people, actually. And, Dear Joseph, you've been assimilated too!

Posted by: Lee(Skittles) Author Profile Page at 10 juli 2006 20:24

And don't we even look better on a 17" Mac screen. I know I do. ;-)

Hey ~ Jeff...do you know if CAD is capable of running on the new MAC portables? Someone told me it was if you had windows installed. Don't shot me for asking about a Microsoft application but I need to use CAD and I so much prefer my Apple! Trying toavoid picking up an IBM-compatible.

Posted by: Tony at 11 juli 2006 22:03

because to mac bigots, pretentious and elitests, when you overspend on shit equipment, you get what you pay for. $3000 for an iCrap? Sorry, I can custom build a better machine and guess what - it would look better on windows 95 even.
See, I like to be able to run whatever software I want on my pc because the iTard suite of software, photoshop and a mishmash together out of date bsd and rehashed os 9.x just dosen't make me feel good about dropping 3g's on piece of crap macintrash.

Posted by: who cares at 19 juli 2006 15:44

For gosh sakes....keep breathing, "who cares"!

You just got done tirading about how much better you are because you build a PC yourself and call Mac folks elitists in the process? You're gonna get stretchmarks.

You didn't address anything I said in the post. Care to try again?

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits Author Profile Page at 19 juli 2006 15:59

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