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12 juli 2006

Lone Star Sunday

...soirée de bière
2006-07-09 Lonestar (20060712)-Thumb

So I met up with Fred the Plumber and the crew (Derek, Scott & Matt, Marci Darci, James, et al) at the Lonestar. Haven't been there with the gang in a while and it was a blast. Too many Happy Shots® were bought and rounded, but thankfully the beer bustin' includes soda bustin' and that's mainly what I did....the older I get, the earlier Monday morning arrives.

I love my friends. Fred and I even touched tongues. (Ew!!)

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Posted by jeff at 12 juli 2006 12:24

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So the canvas/tarp roof is off I see from when I was at the Lonestar in April. Bruce looks good...back to his oldself I guess since getting back into the working world. I need to touch base with him.

Looks like ya'll managed to stay standing!

Posted by: Tony at 12 juli 2006 17:47

Great pics, babe...always very nice to see you out!

Posted by: Bruce at 12 juli 2006 22:37

It's either:

1) More fun to look at pictures than be there
2) All in the editing.

I refuse to consider any other alternatives.

Posted by: Josh(ums) at 13 juli 2006 13:19

Or maybe, Josh(ums), your life is just generally worse than everyone else's cuz you don't get to look at you all the time. :)

Posted by: GodOfBiscuits Author Profile Page at 13 juli 2006 13:48

Even though I was only there once, I kinda miss that place. Then again, I was kinda missing enough body hair and bulk there too, but... :)

Posted by: palochi at 13 juli 2006 15:45

Yo yo foShizzle biotch!

I must admit your writing is much more comprehensive and intelligent than ummm... you in person.


Just kidding, you know I hate you, really. And for the record, I don't greet you "like that every time" I see you, either lol. Blah, I say!

Posted by: Laquisha at 7 september 2006 8:46

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