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13 juni 2007

Ironically Happy

...Mouse Returns!

Michael Tolliver Lives!

The title alone makes me very happy. I bought it today.

But I'm afraid to try to start reading it. What if I actually can't? We'll see.

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Posted by jeff at 13 juni 2007 0:58

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Read it. Swallow it whole! C'est si bon.

(And don't worry that he, or some idiot New York editor, spelled "Duboce" and "Crissy" wrong, multiple times!)

Posted by: Huntington at 14 juni 2007 13:45

I pre-ordered it on Amazon. I'm loving every page of it so far...

Posted by: Matt at 15 juni 2007 10:34

Read it in one sitting. Kinda fun, like seeing old freinds.

Posted by: kitchenbeard at 19 juni 2007 15:55

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