The Road Best Traveled

Some people hate poetry. “Pretentious,” they say. Well, I say anything can be pretentious, and poetry like any work of creation, can be good or bad, effective or not, applicable or not. Impactful or not.

I’m up against Choices. What started as a tactical “let’s see” has on its own volition inflated to include most of the space around me and inside my head and has become a choice of strategic importance to my life going one way or t’other.

For reasons I can’t yet fathom, a quote by Maya Angelou hit me like a ton of bricks, yet it didn’t knock me off balance, it gave me grounding. It didn’t settle a thing, but I was more settled. It didn’t provoke, but I felt as if the words demanded something of me. It didn’t comfort me, but it pointed me in some direction. All in the midst of these Choices.

Maya Angelou and her wisdom:

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer,
it sings because it has a song.

Only those far from my personal realm will find pretense, not only in the quote, but perhaps in me as well. Oh well.

Life is song, all rhythm to keep it going, all words to keep it interacting, all music to carry it to places neither rhythm nor words can reach.

Angelou knows why the caged bird sings. Choice is my cage right now; Decision is the key which will unlock it.