iPhoning It In

I’m sitting here in Sam’s hospital room. After 30 minutes of trying to jury-rig an Internet connection through my MacBook Pro’s Bluetooth radio to Sam’s powerbook which is able to connect to the Internet (as my MacBook Pro obviously is not) to no avail (my Mac can see the Bluetooth PAN, get a vended IP address and DNS info, but nothing further), I’m typing a blog entry with my iPhone.

Even though I’ve clocked in at over 35 wpm with one-finger typing on a virtual keyboard, it is a lot easier to use 9 digits on a full-sized keyboard at 100 wpm or so.

But I just canceled my EV-DO service with Verizon, and so at least I’m able to post something.

Hospitals are a comforting place for me. I’m not a hypochondriac, I just mean that I feel at ease in them, but yesterday when I was here, I experienced a very strange and somewhat scary set of symptoms—my hearing dropped to about a quarter of normal and there was a very loud ringing, there were strange artifacts in my vision, and every time I stood up, I had to sit right back down for fear of fainting.

Eventually I could stand and them felt confident enough to get down to the cafeteria. It was closed, so my only recourse was the vending machines. I loaded up with coffees and candy bars, and eventually everything was back to normal.

I still don’t know what the hell was going on, and I’m only mostly certain it was dehydration and/or low blood sugar. But again, not 100% sure, and that’s the most frightening bit.

It’s been a fairly consistent thing, having no appetite because of the chronic pain, but it appears I’ve reached the point where I have to force myself to remember to eat.

What a ridiculous thing to add to iCal on this phone.

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