Not Yet Talked-About iPhone 3G Feature

There’s one thing about the iPhone 3G that no one has mentioned, so maybe I’m the clever one having discovered it first: it uses a different screen than the current iPhone.

Is this a big deal? Perhaps. How do I know? Well, I know that the current iPhone’s screen clocks in at 160dpi. That’s an incredibly high density, which is why the graphics on the iPhone’s screen are so amazingly realistic.

But the new iPhone 3G’s screen isn’t quite 160dpi: it’s 163dpi.

Sounds better, right? Well, maybe. But probably not. It just so happens that the iPod touch’s screen is also 163dpi. And while it’s still impressive, the iPod touch screen is ever so noticeably inferior to the original iPhone’s.

So…is Apple cutting costs by cheaping out on the iPhone 3G’s screen?

Will it matter in the end? No, of course not. Does it matter now? Only in the context of it being news because it’s Apple. If it were a touchscreen (ha) on a Zune from the beleaguered Microsoft, all 13 Zune owners might be up in arms, but, well. ……. …… ….. sorry, I nodded off there.