When The Consumerist Is Wrong

Andrew Sullivan posted this image:

Which originally came from The Consumerist, except that it’s wrong. They chose to ignore the same history I’m sure Coca Cola wants to ignore, just to make a point.

Except the point doesn’t really exist if the data used to make the point was altered drastically along the same vector as the point itself, right?

Remember these?



I mean, this is how the giant echo chamber of the internet happens. And really, it wouldn’t be the first time that those on the higher soapboxes or those with the history of cozying up to the aphoristic, dogmatic thoughts and avoiding those things that have a “next ten words”—or both!—finds a thing, repeats a thing and doesn’t bother to ponder it as he passes the link from one place to another.

Passivity is a common trait amongst the conservatives in this country, chanting the talking points of the day. It’s also a trait of the religious who take from Mother or Father Church who in turn takes from God.

How did I get from Coca Cola to God? Do you really have to ask?