Couldn’t Call It Unexpected

While I still do worry about that episode I had on Friday, I feel reassured more. Intellectual grokking always comes before emotional, at least so far.

I saw my doctor this morning and she’s forbidden me from calling it “aphasia”. Why? well, the easy answer is: because she said so. The less subjective answer: there’s no indication post-angiogram that anything bad happened. Then she played the age card: you’re 44. It happens.


She knows me so well. She knew me well-enough this morning to tell me that I know enough medical stuff to be dangerous, and she also knew how much I hated question marks when it came to anything health-related. That’s when the gloves came off.

She told me she was pulling no punches when she likened me to a woman who had come in with a pregnancy scare: she’d claim she was only making out with her boyfriend and that her panties stayed on the whole time, but could she possibly be pregnant? Even after a pregnancy test came back she’d swear she might be.

So I’m a non-pregnant woman.

For completeness’ sake, I’m going to have an ECHO and an bilateral carotid arterial ultrasound. Already scheduled the ECHO for tomorrow morning.

Assuming all-clear on both tests, I’m now planning (again) on LA.

Ciao, The Movie

In this year’s San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, there is a film called Ciao. I had known about this film for quite some time (more on that later) and had been waiting for it for quite some time. So thankfully, my wait is almost over.

Several years ago, I discovered this impossibly beautiful Italian man. Seriously impossibly beautiful. I’d found his personal website and immediately there was a contentious and unnecessary dissing of the Mac. Well, you can imagine how that played with me. Oh, it all stayed good natured, and of course now he’s a Mac user (though I can’t take credit for that one: times change and all that). We’ve stayed in touch for years now, hoping that time and tide would find a way for us to meet in person. It was this man who told me about Ciao. He’s co-starring in it and is a writer on the project.

Out of the blue a couple of months ago, I was contacted by a man called Yen Tan. He’d been reading my blog for quite some time, having found my blog through this rascal. His email, in addition to praising my writing (which at some level makes me a bit uncomfortable), he talked about his movie…and of course you can see where this is going.

In that serendipity and simultaneity that I expect in San Francisco but am still surprised by, the director of the movie—in which the Italian Mac-hater was starring—had invited me to attend the showing at the film festival, where time and tide collided, finally, and I’ll finally meet the impossibly handsome Italian!

Yen Tan knows my fascination and aspiration to screenwriting, and as if he hasn’t already been generous and gracious enough, he found some time to spend with me and the Canine Creative.

All of this generosity of spirit and actuality from Yen Tan is more than I can measure. I’m so looking forward to viewing his film, and you really should be, too.

Ciao will be showing Sunday, June 22nd, and Wednesday, June 25th. Info and tickets available here.

In the film’s press kit I found this image (click to enlarge):

<br/> <br/><br/><br/>

I can’t wait for this film, and for Yen Tan, and for Alessandro. This is a story that should have been given voice a long time ago. And they’re giving it to all of us now.

<br/><br/> 01.jpg <br/><br/> 02.jpg <br/><br/> 03.jpg <br/><br/> 04.jpg

<br/> <br/> “Hidden within every ending is the seed of a new beginning.”