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The Lovely Bones

 Lovely Bones: A Novel
The Lovely Bones: A Novel
by Alice Sebold


I thought the book was good up untill the end. The end for me was really predictable because as you were reading the last chapter you could sense that something was going to happen, well at least i did anyway. I think that it was just a stupid ending there could have been a better way to end the book, like by having him get arrested or something like that. But other wise i thought the book was good, it took something that happens in our world today and put it back when many would not think of something like that happening expecially in a small town where everything was the same. I also thought that the author put in some of the modern world into the past, by having the killer have answers for every question the police had, an alias, and most of all the planning of the whole murder and the cover up. Most people i think back in the day would not have covered their tracks up that much.

I loved this book. The way that the author presented all the information really made me want to keep reading. I liked the way that she discribed Susie's heaven. How she said it smelled like her favorite smell, skunk, there were dogs all around, how you could interact with other people in their heavens while staying in your own. I really like Lindsay. How she cut herself off at first but then opened herself up to Samual and her father. I was really disapointed in the way that the mother handled herself. She just ran away from her problems or pretended that they didnt even exsit. I still cant understand why she wouldnt go to her own daughters memorial in the field. It may have been hard, but she still should have gone with the rest of her family. The book as a whole was really well written and held my attention. The only part that disapointed me was the ending. It was so unfulfiling to me that Harvey died of being hit in the head with an icicle. The way that he lived his life and treated his victims he deserved to die a long and painful death.He had so much bad carma built up that the ending didnt make any sence. Everyone who was reading it wanted and was expecting him to be caught or killed by the cops or the family, but he basically got away scot free. If you over look the ending the book was excellent and i would recomend it to anyone who likes to read.

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